Regional and Country Studies

The Libraries of Resources for Sustainable Entrepreneurs that have been prepared by the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Project have drawn on research and advice from all parts of the world and include studies conducted in a number of different geographic regions and countries.  The Project has collected materials from the Libraries and organized them by “country clusters”, sometimes referred to as “societal clusters”, which include countries that are similar enough with respect to their legal, political and social environments to be reasonably grouped together.  These materials can be downloaded from the links below and the Project welcome indications of interest from volunteers willing and able to update and maintain the regional and country profiles and/or collaborate with the Project in developing local programs.  To learn more about country clusters, see the Part on “Country Clusters” from the Cross-Cultural Studies: A Reference Guide for Sustainable Entrepreneurs.

United States

RCS – United States

United Kingdom

RCS – United Kingdom

Latin Europe

RCS – Latin Europe

Germanic Europe

RCS – Germanic Europe

Nordic Europe

RCS – Nordic Europe

Eastern Europe

RCS – Eastern Europe

Confucian Asia

RCS – Confucian Asia

Southern Asia

RCS – Southern Asia

Latin America

RCS – Latin America


RCS – Africa

Middle East (Arab)

RCS – Middle East (Asia)

Developing Countries

RCS – Developing Countries