Organizational Design: A Handbook for Sustainable Entrepreneurs

Organizational Design: A Handbook for Sustainable Entrepreneurs is part of the Sustainable Entrepreneur’s Library of Resources for Organizational Design.  The Handbook begins with a brief introduction to organizational design and identifies and briefly describes the factors and issues that must be considered in designing, implementing and maintaining an effective organizational structure that is properly aligned with the strategy and culture of the organization.  The Handbook describes several well-known models of the organizational design process and the key elements of those models including strategy, structure, business processes and lateral linkages, compensation and reward systems, culture and human resource management.  The Handbook discusses how organizational design fits within organizational theory and explains why the design process is an important determinant of the competitiveness of an organization.  The Handbook also includes a description of the information processing model of organizational design to illustrate how changes in organizational strategy, and the way in which the organization and its members must collect and process information, impact the other elements of organizational design.  Separate Guides in the Handbook provide introductions to the relationship between organizational design and technology, the steps that need to be taken by top management to integrate organizational design into creating and exploiting the firm’s core competencies and competitive advantages; issues that should be considered when incorporating sustainability into organizational design and ideas about how to design a global organization.

The Handbook includes the following tabs:

Organizational Design

Organizational Design and Technology

Organizational Design and Strategy

Organizational Design and Sustainability

Designing Global Organizations

Download the entire Handbook here.