Managing Growth and Change: A Handbook for Sustainable Entrepreneurs

Managing Growth and Change: A Handbook for Sustainable Entrepreneurs is part of the Sustainable Entrepreneur’s Library of Resources for Managing Growth and Change.  The Handbook begins with a description of various issues that companies must address as they seek to identify and manage the inevitable challenges that will arise as they grow and mature and the environment in which they operate changes.  One of the guides in the Handbook describes the purposes and structures of strategic alliances as important tools for expanding business activities and gaining access to complementary resources owned or controlled by third parties.  Another guide in the Handbook describes growth and change of a company and its organizational structure and mission through negotiated acquisitions of new businesses and assets from outside parties.  The Handbook also includes an introduction to the applicable federal, state and finance industry regulatory frameworks, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of a company’s initial public offering of securities, commonly referred to as an “IPO”, and describes the disclosure requirements that must be satisfied while preparing and filing documents with the SEC that will eventually be distributed within the investment community.  In addition, the Handbook focuses on management practices of companies that encounter strategic, financial, managerial, economic and/or operational issues that stall their growth and suddenly place them in a crisis situation where survival becomes the immediate goal and objective.  The Handbook includes a discussion of potential causes for operational and financial problems and guidance on diagnosing problems and implementing recovery strategies.  The Handbook also covers crisis management include risk factors for potential crisis situations and design and implementation of crisis management plans and programs.

The Handbook includes the following tabs:

Managing Growth and Change

Growth Models for Emerging Companies

Strategic Alliances

Corporate Partnering

Joint Ventures

Negotiated Acquisitions

Initial Public Offerings

Managing Troubled Companies and Crisis Situations

Download the entire Handbook here.