Practicing Human Resources Management: A Handbook for Sustainable Entrepreneurs

Practicing Human Resources Management: A Handbook for Sustainable Entrepreneurs is part of the Sustainable Entrepreneur’s Library of Resources for Human Resources.  The Handbook provides an introduction to human resources management (“HRM”) that includes discussions of the scope and importance of HRM; the development and evolution of HRM; activities of the HR function; HR documents, practices and systems; strategic planning for HR; organizing and managing the HR function; the role of the HR function and the specific activities that fall within the usual scope of the duties and responsibilities of HR personnel; and cross-cultural studies of HRM including comparisons of human resources practices and policies in different countries and HRM in developing countries.

The Handbook includes the following tabs:

Introduction to Human Resources Management

Legal and Regulatory Considerations

Recruiting and Hiring

Leadership and Management

Motivation and Performance Evaluation


Training and Development

Disciplinary Actions and Terminations

Employment Agreements

Employee Handbooks and Policies

Managing the Global Workforce

Sustainable Human Resources Management

Cross-Cultural Human Resources Management Research

Download the entire Handbook here.