Sustainability and Corporate Governance: A Handbook for Sustainable Entrepreneurs

Sustainability and Corporate Governance: A Handbook for Sustainable Entrepreneurs is part of the Sustainable Entrepreneur’s Library of Resources for Governance.  The Handbook, which is scheduled to be published in its entirety by the end of 2018, covers oversight of sustainability activities by the Board of Directors, roles and responsibilities of various committees of the Board of Directors with respect to sustainability, internal governance instruments relating to sustainability, sustainability governance and management, auditing and improving the sustainability governance system and sustainability governance for small businesses.

The Handbook includes the following tabs:

Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Governance and Sustainability

Legal and Voluntary Sustainability Standards and Instruments

Board Oversight of Sustainability

Governance and Nominating Committee

Audit Committee

Compensation and Organizational Development Committee

Finance Committee

Environmental Responsibility, Health and Safety Committee

Social and Cultural Responsibility Committee

Compliance and Risk Management Committee

Technology Committee

Disclosure and Reporting Committee

Internal Governance Instruments: Codes and Policies

Sustainability Governance and Management

Auditing and Improving the Sustainability Governance System

Benefit Corporations

Sustainability Governance for Small Businesses

For a preview of the materials to be included in this Handbook, see the tabs that are already available above and the following articles from the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Project:

Board Oversight of Sustainability: Assessment and Strategic Integration

Sustainability in the Boardroom: Ideas for Sustainable Entrepreneurs