New Chapters on Board Governance Available for Sustainable Entrepreneurs

Sustainable entrepreneurs and their advisers are invited to download, read and use the following new additions to the library of governance resources that is being made available through the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Project:

Audit Committee

Compensation and Organizational Development Committee

Finance Committee

Environmental, Health and Safety Committee

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Compliance and Risk Management

Technology Committee

Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting articles that include highlights from the materials in these new chapters.

Alan Gutterman is the Founding Director of the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Project, which engages in and promotes research, education and training activities relating to entrepreneurial ventures launched with the aspiration to create sustainable enterprises that achieve significant growth in scale and value creation through the development of innovative products or services which form the basis for a successful international business.  Visit the Project’s Library of Resources for Sustainable Entrepreneurs to download handbooks, guides, articles and other materials relating to sustainable entrepreneurship and keep up with the Project’s activities by following Alan on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook.

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