African Leadership & Management

This week's report focuses on “African leadership and management”, which is one of the most controversial areas of comparative management studies.  Relying on a review conducted by Nkomo several years ago, we examine four alternative approaches to the subject that have been used by various scholars: “African management development”, which focuses on the need for capable leadership and management in Africa in order to achieve economic and social goals; literature on national culture, which examines African leadership and management using one or more of the various cultural dimension models that have been developed and popularized by various researchers such as Gaart Hofstede; the representations of African leadership and management that have appeared in management textbooks, which typically focus on how historical feats in Africa such as the building of the pyramids in Egypt fit into the progression toward the development of “classical” and “scientific” management theory; and a small but growing number of works defining the elements of indigenous “African management philosophy” and development and adoption of management practices that are congruent with African cultural values as opposed to ill-suited prescriptions from Western cultures that were introduced during the colonial period.

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