Business Plan Drafting Worksheet

Business plans remain an important tool for entrepreneurs regardless the increasing speed of business development and the general sense that spending too much time focusing on the future is a waste of time since so many things can change so quickly.  Entrepreneurs and their advisers working on a business plan can benefit from following a business plan drafting worksheet available that includes an extensive list of questions and information that should be answered and provided in a good business plan.   The worksheet should not only cover the essential elements of the discussion in the plan but should also serve as a reminder to include (or at least have readily available) important ancillary materials such as financial information, both historical and project; resumes of founders, other senior executives and key employees; credit reports; organizational documents of the applicable business entity; copies of material contracts and other legal documents; personal and professional references; reports relating to company’s industry and other relevant environmental factors; and other background documents referred to in the body of the plan.   Please contact me at to receive a complimentary copy of the worksheet.

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