Duties of Marketing Managers

Many companies are launched by a founding group that includes at least one member with a strong marketing background and he or she will generally become the foundation of the company’s marketing function as the organization grow.  In any event, the marketing function for any company, regardless of its size, must have a senior manager and personnel carrying out necessary activities in several key areas:

  • Collection and analysis of market information, which refers to marketing personnel that are engaged in marketing research activities;
  • Product and segment management, which refers to marketing personnel with specific responsibility for coordinating marketing activities relating to particular products and/or customer markets (e.g., product managers);
  • Marketing communications, which refers to marketing personnel responsible for developing and executing tactics designed to disseminate the marketing messages of the company (i.e., advertising, public relations, direct response, packaging etc.); and
  • Marketing fulfillment, which refers to marketing personnel responsible for fulfilling promises made during the course of marketing campaigns such as distributing coupons, gifts and prizes.

Ideally the marketing function will have one or more experienced persons who can deal with each of the areas described above and larger companies may have entire units that focus only on market research.  As the marketing function grows it will develop its own complex hierarchy including a senior marketing executive, or “chief marketing officer,” one or more marketing directors; and managers and supervisors.  Outside parties, such as a public relations firm and often a separate advertising agency, will also become ad hoc members of the marketing organization.


Someone in the position of marketing director would be given substantial responsibility for conceiving and implementing the company’s marketing and public relations strategies including some or all of the following duties:

  • Developing and implementing multi-media marketing campaigns using a variety of tactics and strategies including direct mail, print, radio, television and/or the Internet;
  • Actively managing ongoing marketing programs to meet changing marketing conditions and implementing strategies for addressing competitive threats;
  • Working with senior management and other key personnel in the marketing and sales functions to develop a sales and marketing business plan for use in budgeting, strategic planning and achievement of customer growth and revenue goals;
  • Managing multiple advertising agency and public relations firm relationships to support the successful execution of the sales and marketing plan;
  • Managing marketing expenses and forecasts to ensure realization of growth goals and financial targets; and
  • Developing and implementing programs and events in communities where the company has a presence to position the company as a strong local neighbor and asset for these communities.

Marketing directors will generally be supported by one or more managers who will provide assistance to their directors; support the sales department; manage relationships with channel partners to grow existing accounts; conduct training and development activities for junior members of the marketing team; participate in bid/quote negotiation of marketing materials; participate in the creation and production of collateral materials; assist in the execution of advertising campaigns; work with public relations firms and directly with members of the media; and supervise the marketing team.  Marketing managers typically must have a diverse background in areas such as research, graphic design, technical writing, planning, preparation of reports, and photography.

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