Base Pay, Job Security & Sustainable Engagement Key for Swiss Workers

According to the results of a survey of Swiss workers conducted by Towers Watson in 2012 as part of its Global Workforce Study 2012 the two most important criteria for them when selecting a prospective employer were a high level of employee autonomy and good job security.  Other important factors included challenging work, base pay/salary and convenience of the work location; however, anxiety about job security clearly remained important among the Swiss even as the country one recovering fairly well from the financial crises of the prior years.  When the focus of the questions turned to identifying the “top drivers of retention”, the Swiss were most concerned about base pay levels and the transparency and fairness of the pay system.  While bonuses and long-term incentives were also of interest to Swiss workers, they were less important than the fundamental issue of base pay/salary.  Other factors that were particularly influential to Swiss employees with respect to remaining with their employer included opportunities for career advancement, trust and confidence in senior leadership, the employee’s relationship with his or her supervisor/manager and job security.  The percentage of Swiss workers who were “sustainably engaged” was higher than the European average, yet still significantly lower than the global averages found among Towers Watson surveys and the Towers Watson report admonished Swiss employers to proactively address frustrations among their workers about lack of the right resources and necessary support.  When polled about the top drivers of sustainable engagement, the Swiss workers identified leadership; supervision; stress, balance and workload and communication as being most important. 

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