Modeling Managerial Activities

A fundamental question for management scholars, and many new managers, is “just what do managers do?”  In an effort to organize research in this area scholars have developed various models for defining and analyzing the activities of managers and these models break down the managerial process into stages or functions such as planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating, controlling, reporting and budgeting.  This report provides a brief introduction to the broad topic of modeling managerial activities.


0 thoughts on “Modeling Managerial Activities

  1. Byron Ellis

    The problem, however, is that management by itself is not enough; it has to be complemented with leadership. Unfortunately, in practice leadership and management represent the same behavior. Nonetheless, management is about executing processes; leadership is about transformation and followership. Moreover, followership is a voluntary choice. Thus, leadership to be effective must reflect the interest of followers. Not so for management, often they perceive their relationship with employees as successful as it becomes more authoritarian. Thus, processes introduced by management are seldom participatory. As a result, they often lack employee involvement and commitment. Hence, it is this confusion at the organizational level between management and leadership behaviors that often leads to poor organizational performance.


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