German Management Style

While US and Japanese management styles have attracted a good deal of attention, notice should also be taken of management styles in other successful countries such as Germany, a nation often touted as Europe’s “economic giant” based on its impressive manufacturing output and a per capita export trading volume.  This month's report explains that German managers concentrate intensely on product quality and product service and that the main elements of German management culture, as well as the preferred styles of German managers, all evolve around the desire to design and manufacture high quality products and provide customers with extraordinary responsiveness and dedication.  German firms tend to draw on engineers and technicians for fill management positions and these persons necessarily bring a strong background in manufacturing, design and service to their managerial duties.  In addition, German managers tend to remain with one firm throughout their careers, which means that those managers build an intense loyalty to their firm and make decisions based on what will be best for the long-term prospects of the firm.

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