Leadership Attributes

Extensive time and resources have been devoted to the search for “attributes” and “traits” of effective leaders, as well as characteristics of dysfunctional leaders.  Much of this work has been conducted under the umbrella of settling debates about whether leaders are “born or made” and, to the extent that genes are not totally responsible for leadership success, what strategies can be used to teach people how to execute the behaviors though to be associated with effective leadership.  Leadership is important to the progress and success of emerging companies and this report provides an overview of some of the more interesting research on "leadership attributes" and the conclusions of researchers that their is hope for teaching persons in leadership roles how to execute the behaviors associated with effective leadership.

4 thoughts on “Leadership Attributes

  1. Richard Maize

    Effective leaders are hardened over time. A leader is someone who can be that by example and if need be nudge management when necessary. After all, its this leader who will be responsible and accountable for everything!

  2. indowestern suit sherwani

    I like it! I like it a lot. You know precisely what your talking about, exactly where other People are coming from on this issue. I am glad that I had the fortune to stumble across your blog. It’s definitely an essential issue that not sufficient people are talking about and I am glad that I got the chance to see all the angles.


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