Internet Governance Forum

This month’s post highlights the publication of “IGF 2010-Developing the Future Together”, which catalogs the activities at the Fifth Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Lithuania in September 2010.  The book was edited by my son, Brian, who is working as a consultant to the IGF and, in fact, is attending the Sixth Meeting of the IGF in Nairobi at this very moment.  The IGF, which was established by the World Summit of the Information Society in 2006, works on extremely challenging public policy issues related to Internet governance such as Managing Critical Internet Resources; Access and Diversity; and Security, Openness and Privacy.  Governmental attempts to control the Internet, a recent issue in China and the Middle East, are just one thorny area, as described today in The Economist.

2 thoughts on “Internet Governance Forum

  1. Jacksonville Web Design  

    The IGF, which was founded by the World Peak of the Information Community in 2006, works on incredibly complicated public plan the process of Online government such as Handling Crucial Online Resources; Accessibility and Diversity; and Protection, Visibility and Comfort. Government efforts to control the Online, a latest problem in Chinese suppliers and the Center Eastern, are just one thorny area, as described these days in The Economist.

  2. givememoneyu

    I wonder if the internet will ever be regulated. And if it is what will that mean for business? I can see it being regulated in the UK in a few years. They can already snoop on what you are visiting on the net.


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