Entrepreneurship in Vietnam

Vietnam has enjoyed a good deal of recent economic success and the transition of the economy toward a more market-oriented emphasis has led to interest in Vietnamese entrepreneurship, which is the subject of this month’s report.  In order to understand entrepreneurship in Vietnam, it is important to take into consideration the influence of cultural and socioeconomic factors, particularly the impact that traditional Confucian values have had on attempts to develop a sustainable entrepreneurial spirit within the community and processes that can support creation and growth of entrepreneurial businesses.  Beginning with this post, we are shifting to a new monthly publication schedule that will transition to a newsletter format, although special posts will still be made as necessary for development that we believe merit the immediate attention of our visitors.

2 thoughts on “Entrepreneurship in Vietnam

  1. ניתוח טכני

    Starting with this publish, we are moving to a new per month distribution routine that will move to a distribution structure, although unique content will still be created as necessary for progression that we believe advantage the immediate interest of our guests.


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