Schwartz’s Dimensions of Societal Cultures

Our first post for the new year continues our exploration of some of most well-known models of cultural dimensions by providing a report on the theories of Israeli psychologist Shalom Schwartz.  Schwartz suggested three main problems that societies are universally challenged to address and resolve and corresponding cultural dimensions that he said could be used to describe alternative methods for resolving those problems that distinguish societies from one another: to what extent are individuals autonomous or dependent upon (integrated into) the groups to which they belong (conservatism versus autonomy); to what extent equality is valued and expected and personal responsbility is guaranteed in order to preserve the social order (hierarchy versus egalitarianism); and to what extent do members of the society seek to change their relationship with nature and the social world in order to advance personal or group interests (mastery versus harmony).

13 thoughts on “Schwartz’s Dimensions of Societal Cultures

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