Organizational Redesign Checklist

In my last few posts I've been including checklists that can be used when considering the best way to design the organizational structure for a growing business. Today I'm passing along a checklist of key issues that should be considered whenever an organization is contemplating a redesign of its organizational structure to improve the manner in which the organization interacts with its customers, markets, suppliers and other business partners. The focus of the questions in this checklist is ensuring that the information regarding the requirements of customers and other business partners is properly collected and disseminated throughout the organization so that each business unit is best positioned to cooperate and deliver products and services to the marketplace in the most efficient manner. The goal should be to select possible structures that mirror the way in which information flows through the organization and to vest responsibility for decisions in those organization roles that have the best access to the necessary information. Decisions regarding structure should be supported by clear policies regarding lateral processes and rewards. I welcome your comments.

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