Tracking Results of Marketing Activities

Once the campaigns outlined in the marketing plan have been launched the company must carefully and continuously track the results to determine whether the tactics are effective in changing the behaviors of the target audience.  In order for tracking to be meaningful the marketing plan must include data points that can be reviewed for each major tactic or initiative.  For example, information should be collected on how many persons attended specific events, how many calls were received through a toll-free information number and how many visitors have their been to the company website.  Additional feedback on the effectiveness of the marketing campaign can be obtained through surveys, interviews and direct observations of potential customers as they are exposed to the company’s messages.


The data collected regarding the marketing activities should be used to answer several key questions:

  • Is there evidence that progress is being made in achieving the overall objectives of the marketing plan?
  • Are some target audiences or portions of target audiences responding better than others?
  • Which tactics and activities have been the most successful and which have been the most disappointing in terms of response?
  • What are the relative costs and benefits (i.e., ROI) of each tactic or activity?
  • Which tactics and activities should be continued and strengthened, and which should be dropped or substantially changed?
  • Is there any new or different information that has been collected during the marketing campaign that should be incorporated into the messages?

Even the best planned marketing campaign will not turn out as expected and preparation should be made in advance to regularly review the data and other feedback to determine if changes should be made regarding the message, tactics, schedule, audience, or other aspects of the campaign.  If changes are made they should be carefully documented as an amendment to the marketing plan and all applicable monitoring and evaluation procedures should also be updated to take the changes into account.

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